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Birth Photography
Monday, June 11, 2012
By Sonya
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I am a mother. 

I can honestly say the birth of a child is THE most life changing experience I've had.
Weddings are momentous, no doubt, but equally so is when your child enters the world.  

The older I get the more "foggy" my memory becomes and unfortunately those important moments begin to fade: 

the surroundings, the room, my family and friends who attended,
seeing my little one for the very first time,
 fingers and toes, that little grip on daddy's finger,
siblings first looks, grandparent's smiles & my own tears of joy,

Birth Photography is the story of your child's birth.


Every story is special and unique.

Imagery that captures the events in a storytelling style to chronicle labor, delivery and your baby's first hours.
The clinical side of labor is not the focus, but rather the candid moments and details, as well as those special first bonding moments.

Having a photographer there ensures that your husband, family, friends, or support person is able to focus on you and your needs
while ensuring those tender moments are being forever memorialized.

As a birth photographer, I will photograph your labor and birth unfolding naturally in a photo-journalistic style.  
Understanding my role, I will document quietly and unobtrusively, as an observer in the background.  
You might even forget I am there.  
But in the weeks, months and years following you'll be glad to know that I was.


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Thursday, February 23, 2012
By Sonya
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Welcome Abrynn!
She's a very special new addition... 

She may have made us wait for some of these super sweet images, but it was definitely worth the wait!
Not to mention it gave us some extra time to visit with the FAMILY! :) 

I absolutely ADORE those eyelashes!!!

I'll be photographing her again very soon even getting her older brother and sisters in on the fun and...

We plan to follow her through her first 12 months, documenting the stages along the way.  
I'm super excited to watch her grow and capture such a special part of her life :)