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Team Sports Package!!!
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
By Sonya
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Team Sports Session
$15.00 per player (10 player minimum)

Each player receives:
2-5x7 prints of choice
A digital image of each chosen print (suitable for Facebook or other social media)
custom team slideshow
25% off additional any photo order (no obligation)


How it works:

We arrive at your regularly scheduled team practice, take indivual poses of each player, a team photo, and stay for your practice to capture true action shots.
Within 2 weeks we create your teams online photo gallery on our website.  Each player receives access and can log into our site and choose their 2-5x7 prints of choice.  They will also be given a link to download the Team Custom Slideshow.  If they would like more images, they will have a promo code to take 25% off their total order.  Prints are delivered approximately 7-10 business days following submitted order. 


Feel free to ask or email me.

Book Now!

We will only have a limited number of time slots available for this special.

Slideshow Examples: