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Thursday, March 29, 2012
By Sonya
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Mark's Military Send-Off Party...

When I was asked to cover this event, 
I felt truly honored to be a small part of a
n afternoon set to honor: 

A son.  A husband.  A father.  A soldier.

This young man is preparing to serve our country in a way that while many understand,
most barely have a glimpse of.  

It's a sacrifice.  

Not only for him, but for his family as well.  

The time given up is not only that of the soldier, but...
His Parents.  His Siblings.


His Wife.  

His Daughter.

One of my favorite sayings is:

Freedom is not Free.
It's not.  Just ask any military family. 

...when I asked for a meaningful message to include in the slideshow, 

his mom gave me Joshua 1:9

They will be in my thoughts and prayers over the next year

while he fulfills his duties and serves to protect the freedoms we all enjoy 

and I will look forward to his safe return home. 

Again, THANK YOU Mark for your service...

Slideshow Coverage of the event:

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