just a girl with a camera...

This is where I tell you about me.
What and who it is.

Simply stated, JAGWAC = Just a girl with a camera.

I am a girl who fell in love with photography and the photographic image as a child.  I loved clicking the shutter button to see what would be captured.  The things I photographed were to me, interesting and evoking images, moments and memories caught on film. In general, I focused on what inspired or moved me.

Today I shoot very much the same way, capturing life around me, as I see it through my lens.   

Though the years, I've learned to value those memories caught during my clicking sessions.  There's nothing better than thumbing through the pages of an old photo album and reliving a time, a place, a sense, a feeling, a memory from times past.  Not to mention, that sometimes a memory is all we have left of a certain time, and regrettably even people.  That's when a memory in print become invaluable.  We cannot go back in time to visit that moment, but we can relive it through a photograph.

I started JAGWAC Photography after years of urging by my biggest fans:
my children,
my friends,
and then finally ...my husband
He is INDEED my biggest supporter.
He's my motivator, my investor, and my prop technician.
He's my advisor and consultant. 
He's my partner and best friend. 
He is why I refer to this business as WE. and US. 

If you have any questions, would like to get started customizing a session, or you're ready to book your session, please fill out the contact us form.  
I look forward to talking to you soon!