What to expect / FAQs

What does "on location Photographer" mean?

In short, I do not work from a studio.  
I do all my office/editing work out of my home and shoot my clients in natural environments. 
Whether in my clients home, other indoor location of choice, or outdoors, 
we choose the location that best suits the clients needs and fits the session theme.

How do I get started?  

Contact me!

Most of my clients currently prefer to contact me through Facebook.  I can only explain this as that's where we are spending a majority of our time these days!  I'm perfectly fine with that and you can locate me there and message me at my personal page.  While your there, feel free to "friend" me, after all, once we do you session, we'll need to be friends for me to tag your photos ;)  Of course you can use the contact form here, email, or phone me!  Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like.  There are never too many! :)

Then what?

Once your initial contact, we'll discuss your needs:

  • which session you are thinking of
  • who and what we'll be photographing
  • how long a session we need
  • where 
  • when

Where will we hold the session?

Wherever we want! :)  I will work with you to determine a location that works well for you and your session type.  I have several "go-to" locations that I love, but I am always open to new ideas!  Of course, often sessions take place at the clients home, where everyone is comfortable and relaxed.  This is especially true of newborn sessions.  

Keep in mind while choosing a location that my session fees are quoted within 20 miles of Dalton, Ga.  Locations outside of this area will incur a travel expense and related fees.

Depending on what type of session we will be doing, you may or may not be asked to fill out a questionnaire.  I want to get to know you, what you like, your style.  After all, I want to capture images that reflect your unique personality!  Once your session is booked, I'll ask you to tell me about the kind of feel you want to your images, which images on my website speak to you most.  Sometimes clients like to send me images they've seen on other websites.  I'm perfectly open to that, not because we will copy that image necessarily, but because it gives me a better insight to your style.

How do I book a date on your schedule?

Once we've established all the pertinent info, and chosen a session date, I will send you some session forms to fill out and you'll need to pay a deposit to lock in your session. My schedule gets very full and once I put a day and time aside for you, I am no longer offering that time slot to anyone else.

Deposits are usually 50% of your session fee.

What's included?

The session fee covers the time and talent of your photographer, not only during the shoot but also during the careful hand processing and creative editing of each individual image. 
Each session I offer includes:

  • A personal online gallery for you to view, proof and/or share your images. 
  • A selection of watermarked images for sharing on facebook with friends and family
  • print discounts, print credits, and/or digital images

I also have sessions that offer:

  • all hi-res digital images from session gallery with print release
  • custom slideshow of session images 
  • and more...

Fees and session costs are explained in detail here.  

How do I view my session images and when do I receive my photos?

Within 2 weeks (usually sooner) I will contact you with the link to your online gallery.  You'll be able to view and proof your images online.  You will be provided with a password to log in and choose your favorite images or to ask for adjustments to be made to a particular image.  There is also a separate area for your friends and/or family to view the photos! 

After you've chosen your favorite images and approved your gallery, you'll be able to order your prints directly from the online store. Orders normally take between 4-7 business days.  I'll personally deliver your products with your disc, or you may have them shipped directly to you.

An example of some of the print costs are as listed here:


4x6 $3.00
5x7 $6.00
8x10 $10.00
11x14 $18.00
16x20 $30.00
8x10 $99.00
11x14 $129.00
16x20 $179.00

Hi-Res Digital Image $20.00
Custom Slideshow $50.00
Set of 3 Mini Accordion Albums  $45.00

What if I have a different question?


I'm more than happy to answer any question you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!


*Prices are subject to change without prior notification.